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About Sim


Sim is a keen painter and designer, and has developed her skills towards ‘Realism’ Fine Art and is well known for her realistic portraiture, Cover-Up techniques and colour realism style, as well as her love for Oriental Tattoos and pretty much every style of Tattoo available!


Sim has been Tattooing since 2007 but has been a talented artist ever since she knew how to draw from the age of 3. She entered her first ever tattoo competition at Colchester Expo 2009 and received runner up in the best portrait category which is considered one of the most difficult categories to enter competing against long term Tattooists who had been in the industry a lot longer than herself. 


Sim has won Awards for, Realism, Oriental, Black & Grey, and Portraits. 


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About Tym


Tym is best known for his Watercolour style Tattoos, Polynesian & ornamental Tattoos, flawless colour work, crisp fine line work, Cover-up knowledge and soft grey shade styles.  
There isn’t many styles of Tattooing Tym hasn’t executed with perfection and skill. Even though there isn’t much this man can’t do, he is a complete all round Tattooist with heaps of knowledge and experience of the craft of Tattooing.  

   Tym is a calm and professional Artist and can put the most nervous client at ease, such a true credit to the industry and a great example of what a professional Tattooist should aspire to be.

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