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Semi Permanent Eyebrows


We use Digital Machine technique to create Hairstroke Brows or Powdered or Ombre brows.


The best method to suit you will be decided at your consultation.    

All appointments for cosmetic procedures will include a full consultation

& patch test prior to your appointment to ascertain your individual needs.


All prices include the first initial appointment and then a top up

8 -10 weeks later.

We offer free consultations if you decide to proceed with a booking.

A £50.00 non refundable booking fee is required at the time of booking your treatment appointment. 

This amount will be deducted from the overall treatment price

quoted to you.

Failure to attend your consultation or any of your scheduled appointments without giving no less than 48 hours notice of cancellation with a response from ourselves, will incur the full loss of your non refundable booking fee.


​If you would like more information about any of our eyebrow treatments or to book a consultation please email us with at least 3 clear photos of your brows and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Combination Brows


Gain the effect of delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with natural brow hair with a powdery make up ready look.

Includes top up 8 - 10 weeks after initial treatment.

powder brow before and after.jpg

Ombre Brows

£350 - £400

The Ombre effect gives a shadow look to your brow as if you have applied a brow powder.

Includes top up 8 - 10 weeks after initial treatment.

powder brow .jpg

Powder Brows

£350 - £400

This gives a more intense makeup look by giving the brow a misty powder, almost like an eyebrow tint.

Includes top up 8 - 10 weeks after initial treatment.

Colour Refresh

To keep your Semi Permanent Make Up looking fresh, you will require regular Colour Refresh appointments.

Timings for this will vary for each individual and will be discussed at your consultation.

Colour Refresh 

9 - 12 months £180.00

12 - 18 months £230.00

18 months + Full treatment price

Additional top up treatment if required - £95.00

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