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Breast cancer affects thousands of women across the world everyday, we believe if we can offer something to help each patient feel better after their surgeries then they should be able to receive something beautiful.

Areola tattooing is not only for women and men who have suffered cancer, we also offer this service to clients who have experienced trauma to the nipple through surgery, for example breast augmentation.

Sim and Nat have over 25 years combined experience in the Tattoo industry.

Our passion is to create long lasting permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos for breast cancer survivors after mastectomy.

We have developed our own unique techniques which result in a permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo which won’t fade away or need retouching in the future.

We create 3D Areola & Nipple Tattoos using only the best specialist high grade permanent tattoo inks and methods which differ from the standard 2D semi-permanent nipples available on the NHS.

We utilise our artistic experience to create a realistic and long-lasting effect.

This removes the cost and trauma of having to continue to visit hospital or clinic for continuous top ups every few months or years, which allows our clients to come to the end of their breast cancer journey and move forward with their life.

After your first session with either Sim or Nat creating your new arealo and nipples, only one more follow up session is required then that’s it!

This is because even though we use a permanent pigments and have a very effective technique of application….Scar tissue behaves unpredictably and for best result we can offer you a ‘perfection session’ as this is required based on both our experience of performing the procedure.

Our service is a two part process, then your journey is finished and it’s time to celebrate the new you!


What is Areola 3D Tattooing?

Both women and some men are in need of medical tattoo treatments for the breast area.  You may have had a double or single mastectomy and would like enhancements post surgery. Our Areola 3D tattooing can create a 3D effect to give the illusion of depth in the nipple if required following full areola reconstruction.  We can help to diffuse scars left in the area using various scar reduction and camouflague techniques.  You may need nipple colour enhancement or resizing of the areola following gender reassignment surgery or any breast augmentation surgery that has left you with pronounced scarring.  Whatever your reason, we use advanced artistic shading and colouring techniques to give the most natural, symmetrical effect. We have under gone extensive training to help you regain your confidence and feel your best every day.

Areola 3D Tattoo Procedure

We always start with a thorough consultation with you where we will discuss your medical history in depth.  This is to fully understand what treatments and surgery you have undergone (or have planned) in order to ensure the most appropriate treatment that will give you the best outcome.  Then we get in to the design phase where we discuss your desired outcome from the treatment and what you want to achieve.  This is such an important part of the service, it helps us develop the right solution, just for you.  We work to get you the most personalised treatment, we take in to account your skin tone and breast shape and size. During the design phase we then draw your new areola/nipple onto your skin for your review and we are guided by you and once happy, you then approve the final design including your colours. Depending on how natural, subtle or strong you want the result, we will custom blend our colours to perfectly match your requirements. Again, you will be fully involved in this part of the process.

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We also offer our 3D Areola services in

Luton, Bedfordshire 


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