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Tym has been tattooing since 1990, a very highly experienced tattooist with a very impressive amount of knowledge of the tattoo craft and its industry. He has worked in over 4 different counties throughout his long successful career not to mention previously owning 2 tattoo studios of his own.


There is nothing this guy doesn’t know about Tattoos.

The attention to detail, gentle tattooing technique and invaluable experience he applies to his tattoo work is just impeccable. There are so many different styles of body art he has achieved throughout his impressive career history.

Tym is very well known for his bright solid lasting colour work, black work, crisp lines, Polynesian, Maori, traditional, script, fine lines, grey work and watercolour! The list just goes on!

He’s just not a fan of portraits unless they are bold, colourful and proper old skool! He is the ‘Bold will Hold’ man for sure!

Not many people know that Tym is also a very experienced body piercer, he started body piercing back in 1993. Whilst focusing on his tattoo career over the past few years he hasn’t had much time to body pierce…but watch this space! He may be picking up his piercing tools again any time soon!

Please feel free to have a look through his gallery, and drop us an email to enquire about getting a tattoo with Tym.

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