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About Sim1nk Tattoo Studio



Sim1nk Tattoo Studio was born on Friday 13th November 2009 and has been progressing and growing in such a short space of time, attracting Tattoo enthusiast from all over the UK and sometimes internationally!


We have a great selection of Designs in the studio but we mainly specialise in one-off custom pieces. If you can’t find what you want we can design you your very own Tattoo which will be completely unique to you and your body at no extra cost, all we require is a deposit which will come off the price of your Tattoo. You can Bring in any picture you find whether it is a design from a necklace, a T-shirt, anything, we can create from your ideas. The studio is a complete professional Body Art studio where we pride ourselves on a high standard of Tattooing. Under no circumstances will we Tattoo under age and break the law. The min age for a Tattoo is 18.


If your looking for a cheap ‘knock off’ Tattoo? You won’t find it here! If you’re looking for the highest skilled standard of work which you will love forever you are at the right place! we would say roughly 75% of the work we do is Re-working or covering old unwanted Tattoos. The biggest mistake our customers have told me is that they chosen cheap home Tattooists NOT TATTOO ARTISTS to do their body art and learned to regret it after what they had done to them. Be wise get the best! And never regret it!

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